Associated Therapies


This describes any therapeutic measure which uses biotherapeutics (medical products which do not suppress the neuro-immunological reactions, or interfere with the physical defence systems of the body) for injection in specific spots or areas. The remedies are injected in order to regulate natural healing, to regulate the inflammatory processes that have been suppressed, and to stimulate the detoxification mechanisms of the body. Products of botanical origin, vitamins, minerals and antihomotoxic (homotoxicological) remedies are used.
Biopuncture can become a bridge between natural medicine and orthodox medicine as it uses Western style diagnosis, the products are rigorously tested for safety and reliability, and the technique is performed in accordance with the rules of orthodox medicine.

Light Therapy

Light therapy or red LED (Light Emitting Diode) light stimulation, especially in the wavelength range of 660nm, is excellently suited for local treatment of wounds, areas of pain, chronic disease, and the gentle stimulation of acupuncture points.
When individual cells are exposed to certain light wavelengths their mitochondria (or power houses) are stimulated, which in turn causes a speeding up of cell function, metabolism and repair of damaged tissue.
Some wavelengths penetrate deeper tissue and some more superficial, so the correct wavelength must be chosen for the individual problem. LED is especially suited to superficial wounds and tissue stimulation, whereas penetrating laser treatments can focus on areas deeper in the tissues and target deep seated acupuncture points and pain trigger points.
Non-healing or slow to heal open wounds can be stimulated to begin the healing process, and the healling process can be sped up to 3 - 4 times as fast as without light stimulation.